50th Annual General Meeting

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James A. Waight Conservation Award

The 29th James A

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Belize’s First Community Bird Guides Recognized

P R E S S       R E L E A S E


Belize’s First “Community Bird Guides” recognized

Belize City, Belize, December 7th, 2015 — Belize Audubon Society in Partnership with National Audubon Society and Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), a member of the Inter-American Development Bank group (IDB) recognized forty five (45) community Bird Guides in a ceremony Friday December 4th, 2015 at Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

The successful graduates completed a five weeks course entitled “Basic Bird Guide Training” to prepare them for bird guiding as a means of income generation at the local level around three targeted protected areas co-managed by Belize Audubon Society – Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park. The event served as recognition of successfully completing the course and to introduce the graduates to the Bird-Based Tourism market in Belize.

The 10 top performers of the training were recognized at the ceremony and were awarded scholarships to complete the BTB’s National Tour Guide training program. Overall top performer was Jorge Eduardo Ruano. He received a two months bird […]

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Partnership to Save The Endangered Scarlet Macaw

National Audubon Society and Belize Audubon Society

Help Protect Belize’s Endangered Scarlet Macaw with the Scarlet Six Biomonitoring Team

The National Audubon Society has been a strong partner and supporter of the Belize Audubon Society for almost a decade. Conservation is the central pillar for this partnership which has truly benefited both people and the environment of Belize. More recently, National Audubon has provided funding to strengthen Belize Audubon Society’s co-managed protected areas by supporting its community outreach, environmental education, protected areas management, and biodiversity research and monitoring programs. They have also provided training opportunities for staff.

 To show its commitment to the success of conservation actions in Belize, National Audubon Society has chimed in to champion the work of the Scarlet Six Biomonitoring Team whose mandate is to protect the Scarlet Macaws (Ara macao) and other endangered species in their natural habitat. This charismatic species is described […]

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The Victoria Peak Challenge 2015

Every year a cadre of calls stream into the BAS office in anticipation and preparation of the Victoria Peak season. This year was no different, a total of 20 groups, 168 individuals, were able to successfully summit the majestic Victoria Peak. Taking on the challenge this year was Dr. Henry Anderson, a former Belize Defence Force soldier and author of “The Son of Kinich” and “Sisimito”. Though he did not reach the summit, Dr. Anderson was pleased to revisit the jungle and relive a journey that started many years ago when he was young BDF soldier.

Dr. Anderson has contributed an account of his journey and the history behind his desire to take on the Victoria Peak challenge. Please enjoy his captivating story entitled “Journeys of The Jaguar Warrior”.


(Prepared for the Belize Audubon Society)



 It was early on the morning of Holy Thursday, March 30, 1972, that the late […]

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