The Important Work of the Belize Audubon Society

BAS staff at Guanacaste National Park. Belize Audubon Society has been instrumental in the development, and management of protected areas that have been designated under the National Parks System Act of 1981. Currently BAS manages nine of Belize's protected areas with well-trained, knowledgeable staff, most of whom are from the surrounding buffer communities. Environmental education, advocacy, community development, research, and biodiversity conservation activities revolve around these protected areas and their buffer communities.

As a non-profit organization BAS faces many conservation and development challenges and we urgently need your support to advance our efforts to sustain the most important natural systems in Belize for future generations. Join the Belize Audubon Society today.

Advocacy Updates

Advocacy Updates

Looking for up-to-date coverage of environmental issues in Belize? Visit the Advocacy Updates page or if you are a member, log-on to the Advocacy Forum to join the discussion.

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Education Resources

Learning about nature is fun!

Planning an educational adventure into Belize's protected areas? We have lesson plans and activity guides just for you. Or visit the Kid's Corner, where learning about nature is fun!