Volunteer Opportunities at Belize Audubon Society

Hardworking Volunteers at CockscombWe Want You! Some volunteers are recruited by partner organizations, but the majority apply as individuals. Most of our applicants are from overseas – but we are actively encouraging more Belizean volunteers to work with us. We also work with organized groups such as Global Vision International and World Challenge.

The volunteers that are most useful are those with qualifications and experience matching our volunteer opportunities. People who have worked in developing countries, community development, teaching, tourism development, art, small business development, conservation or park management fit well into our volunteer program. For marine park volunteers, we prefer those with dive qualifications, dive experience and marine research experience. In order for the experience to be beneficial for both the volunteer and BAS, we require that overseas volunteers work for a minimum of 3 months (1 month for marine volunteers).

Since BAS is mainly funded through grants, we cannot pay volunteers or provide accommodation.


We prefer to establish intern partnerships with Universities – allowing interns to come to BAS on a regular basis. This allows us to establish the student qualifications required, and enables the student to be comprehensively briefed on Belize and BAS before their visit.

The objective of our internship program is (as well as fulfilling the degree criteria) to enable the intern to provide service to Belize Audubon Society, whilst learning about how the Society operates and how protected areas are managed. It is expected that students will be enrolled in Natural Resources, Environmental Studies or a similar academic program.