BAS Managed Protected Areas

Melinaea butterfly at St. Herman's Blue Hole National ParkProtecting our resources is preserving our future. The Belize Audubon Society cares for public lands in national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, natural monuments and a nature reserve, which encompass more than 192 thousand acres. It is a challenging responsibility but the rewards are great.

The nine protected areas we take care of represent the richest land and marine environments in Belize, with critical habitat for jaguars, a wetland of international importance, impressive coral reefs, and sacred caves with beautiful limestone formations and remains of the ancient Maya. We invite you to personally discover the exceptional scientific, educational, and cultural values of Belize’s protected areas and to help preserve our heritage for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

At the request of the Government of Belize (GOB), the Belize Audubon Society has been instrumental in the financing, development, and management of protected areas that have been designated under the National Parks System Act of 1981. Currently BAS manages nine of Belize's protected areas with a well-trained, knowledgeable staff, most of whom are from the surrounding buffer communities. We work in partnership with government agencies such as the Belize Forest Department, Fisheries Department, and the Institute of Archaeology.

The Belize Audubon Society invites you to visit these rich and diverse protected areas located throughout Belize.

Map of protected areas managed by the Belize Audubon Society Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary Actun Tunichil Muknal Natural Monument Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve Guanacaste National Park Half Moon Caye Natural Monument Victoria Peak Natural Monument Blue Hole Natural Monument St. Herman's Blue Hole National Park Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

The National Parks System Act of 1981

The National Parks System Act of 1981 provides for the preservation and protection of highly important natural and cultural features and for the regulation of the scientific, educational, and recreational use of the same.

Four categories of protected areas exist in Belize:

  • National Parks are established for the benefit and enjoyment of the general public.

  • Wildlife Sanctuaries protect nationally significant species that require specific human manipulation for their perpetuation.

  • Natural Monuments are areas reserved for the protection and preservation of a nationally significant natural feature.

  • Nature Reserves are reserved strictly for scientific research.

National Parks System Act (PDF 1.2MB)