Birds are Everywhere

Birds are everywhere in our lives. Can you think of a day that went by without seeing or hearing a bird? As many as 587 birds have been recorded in Belize, of these, approximately 20 percent are migrants from North America. Every year new species are being documented. Eight new records were accepted in 2007, including the Crested Caracara, Canada Goose, and Spot-breasted Oriole.

Belize is an ideal setting for bird watchers with many birding hotspots. In addition, six Important Bird Areas (IBAs) have been identified in Belize, of which portions are located within protected areas, including those co-managed us. The tropical forests, savannahs, numerous cayes, wetlands, and coastal plains of Belize offer a myriad of habitat to many birds. Nearly half of our nation’s land and adjacent waters are protected under forest reserves, marine reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and other protected area designation. With English as the official language, many visitors from abroad converse easily with local guides.

Birds of Belize (University of Texas Press) by H. Lee Jones, illustrated by Dana Gardner is a must have for birders. Published in 2003, this is the first complete guide to the identification of all to the birds of Belize. This book is available for purchase at our gift shop in Belize City and our park visitor centers.